One way to do that is to take a holistic approach to governing: looking at the big picture and seeing how everything is connected. Everyone has their own priorities. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as each promotes a common goal.

The goal for Ward 6 and for the District as a whole should be fostering a strong, thriving community. We should work to ensure that everyone who wants to live in D.C., who dreams of working here, and who seeks to make it their home can.

I do not believe our current elected officials are making this a reality. They focus on their own pet projects. They listen to only those who think the way they do. They only legislate in the present.

It is time for another voice on the Council. I don’t have all the answers. Nor do I claim to. But I have a different perspective. Another way to look at problems and propose more efficient and effective solutions.

My priority is community. Black, white, gay, straight, old, young, DC is your city. Whether your roots are already established or they are just being planted, you should not have to choose between DC or the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. Whether it's housing, public safety, education, or business, DC should not make it any more difficult to raise a family or grow a business. 

To get there, we must ensure:

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